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30 watt output into 2×12 Celestion Alnico Blue Speakers
Pre amp: Valve (3 x 12AX7), Power amp: Valve (4 x EL84)
2 channels: Normal, Top Boost with volume controls per channel
Treble, Bass tone controls on Top boost Channel
Master Tone Cut. Volume, Reverb: Tone, Level controls
Tremelo: Speed, Depth controls
Effects loop, External and Extension Loudspeaker Jacks

£40ex VAT per Day

Fender Hot Rod Deville 212

60 watts into a pair of 12” Fender Special Design Eminence speakers
2x 6L6 Groove Tune and 3x 2AX7 Preamp tubes “Normal”, “Drive” & “More Drive” channel options
FX Loop & External Speaker Jack socket
Fender Long-Spring Reverb
Three function channel select Footswitch

£30ex VAT per Day

Marshall JCM 900

100 Watt All Valve COmbo Amplifier into 2x G12T-75 Celestion 12″ speakers
3x EEC87 Preamp Valve & 4x EL34 Power Amp Valves “Dual Reverb” allows reverb to be set independently for both channels
Channel Select/Reverb Footswitch, Effects Loop

£30ex VAT per Day

Fender Deluxe 112 Plus

90 Watts RMS Output into a 12″ Fender Blue Label 4 Ohm Driver
Solid State Power Amp
Normal & Drive Channels
Channel Select/Reverb Footswith, Effects loop

£30ex VAT per Day

Roland Jazz Chorus 120

Legendary “clean” amp with two separate 60 Watt RMS power amps to allow for true stereo chorus
Classic Silver-Cone speakers for vintage Jazz Chorus Sound
Two Input Channels (Normal/Effect) Three-Band EQ per Channel, One High & one Low Input per Channel Reverb, Distortion, Adjustable Vibrato and True Stereo Chorus
Stereo Effects Loop

£30ex VAT per Day

Marshall AVT 150 Head

150 Watt RMS Output @ 4 Ohms, 2 External Speaker Outputs
Clean, Overdrive 1, Overdrive 2 & Acoustic Simulator Channels
12AX7 Valve Preamps with Solid State Power Amp
Built in Digital Effects including Reverb, Delay & Chorus, PEDL-10031 Footswitch

£25ex VAT per Day

Marshall 1960A Cab

Dual Input 300w cab, into 4x 12″ Celestion G12-75
Impedance 16/4 ohm Mono, 8 ohm Stereo

£20ex VAT per Day

Ampeg B2-RE Bass Head

450 Watts (4 Ohms) & 250 Watts (8 Ohms) RMS Output
Solid State Preamp, Mosfet Power Amp
Three-Band Tone Control with “Ultra Mid” Control & Nine-Band Graphic EQ
Balanced Line Out with Pre/Post & 20dB Pad Effects Loop

£40ex VAT per Day

Amped SVT 410HE Bass Cabinet

4×10″ LF Drivers with 2″ Voice Coil & 1″ Voice Coild HF Horns
500 Watts RMS Power Handling
60Hz-18kHZ Frequencey Response
8 Ohm Nominal Impedence
98 db sensitivity
125 db SPL

£25ex VAT per Day

Roland RD 700sx Digital Piano

Two great new grand piano sample-sets, each with 88-key multisamples Rolan’s most expressive Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard
128-voice polyphony 3-band parametric EQ with graphical user interface and COSM effects for easy tone shaping
Realistic tonewheel organ sounds with graphic drawbar editing
XLR Outputs for professional user
Master Keyboard functions with two individual MIDI out for controlling external MIDI modules
Built-in SMF player with USB conenction for PC/MAC
SRX Expansion slots for adding great new sounds
Complete GM2-Compatible Sound Engine onboard
Micro Tune Edit Function allows micro-tuning of each indiviudal key

£85ex VAT per Day

Yamaha Stage Custom Drum Kit

22″ Kick Drum
12″ Rack Tom
13″ Rack Tom
16″ Floor Tom
High Hats Stand, 3x Crash/Ride Stand, Single Kick Pedal

£60ex VAT per Day (exluding snare & cymbals)
£80ex VAT per Day (including snare & cymbals package)

Snare & Cymbals

Mapex Black Panther 13″ Piccilo Snare
Zildjian ZBT 14″ High Hats
Zildjian ZBT 16″ Crash
Zildjian ZBT 20″ Ride
Zildjian ZBT 14″ Fast Crash

Snare £15ex VAT per Day
All cymbals £5ex VAT per Day each